Sustainable Development Approved

Malcolm Brown - Sibbett Gregory

Co-operation between a local house builder and Council Offices has secured benefits all round.

House builders, Betterment Properties, secured outline planning permission for up to 500 houses in a second phase of development at Curtis Fields, Weymouth.

This development will secure jobs for local tradesmen and trade with local suppliers for 10 years or more.  Up to 150 of the dwellings will be affordable dwellings, managed by a Housing Association. Land will be transferred to the Education Authority for an extension to the Augustine’s Primary School.  In addition, a significant contribution will be made to secure additional secondary school places at Budmouth College and Wey Valley School. Three projects at the Marsh Recreation ground will receive funding from Betterment Properties.  A large are of open land will be managed for public access and nature conservation, enhancing both the wildlife habitat and the landscape.

Although the application attracted more than 200 objections, the Planning Committee found that the significant public benefits were not outweighed by the harm.

Malcolm Brown, Director of Planning at Sibbett Gregory commented:-  “The allocation of the land for housing and some employment use and the granting of outline planning permission is the culmination of many years promoting what has always appeared to me to be a sustainable location for development.  I was originally engaged by the previous owner of the land, but the need for housing and the fact that previously identified land had largely been used up, has finally lead to its designation.

The loss of landscape, particularly close to where people live is always a last resort.  I have no doubt however that the decision was the right one this time, bearing in mind the benefits secured by the granting of permission”.

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